of sweet potatoes

Sweet potato specialist

SPOT is the European sweet potato specialist. At our farms in North Carolina, sweet potatoes are carefully grown, harvested, stored, processed and shipped. To provide our customers with the best sweet potatoes all year round, we complement that offer with sweet potatoes from grower partners from other cultivation sites, such as Spain, Egypt, China, Brazil, Argentina and Honduras.

Best of both worlds

SPOT is a joint venture between the American Battleboro Produce in North Carolina and the Dutch Farmhouse International. At SPOT, you buy directly from the farmer and you are assured of short lines and the best quality.

Passion for sweet potato

SPOT has a clear mission: to boost the sweet potato market. We still see plenty of growth opportunities for this product for retailers, wholesalers and food service suppliers,. Together with our customers, we want the whole of Europe to enjoy the tastiest sweet potatoes. An ambition that fits in with our position as the European sweet potato specialist.


SPOT has its own cultivation sites in North Carolina and has a strong partner network of growers. This way, we can assure our customers of a year-round assortment. By choosing our own cultivation sites and by carefully selecting our partner growers, we can also optimally monitor the quality of our products.


In order to guarantee the top quality of our products, we keep the entire logistics chain in own hands. From harvest to sale: we keep a close eye on all steps. For example, we harvest the sweet potatoes manually, so as not to damage the still fragile product. SPOT also pays the utmost attention to storage, transport and inspection.


At SPOT, sustainability is encouraged in many ways. We strive for a sustainable chain – from field to plate – with attention for humans, animals and the environment. Transparency is very important to us. We want to show openly and honestly where our products come from and what route they take. Every day, we want to take a step towards a better world.


At SPOT, we go for absolute top quality, which is why we apply very strict quality standards. The entire process, from seed to shelf, is under our strict control. This starts with the critical monitoring of the cultivation and choosing the right harvesting time. After storage in the hot cell, the sweet potatoes are inspected for quality and our quality specialists also keep a close eye on the product during the process of washing and packaging!