from harvest to sale

The logistics of sweet potatoes

In order to guarantee the top quality of our products, we keep the entire logistics chain in own hands. From harvest to sale: we keep a close eye on all steps.

Take a look at the logistic process from harvest to sale below.


To protect the sensitive, thin skin, we harvest the sweet potatoes by hand. The potatoes are put in buckets in large wooden crates.


After harvesting the sweet potatoes, potatoes are held in 900KG wooden bins for the curing process. The goal is for the roots, internal flesh and the skin to cure before removing excess soil. We store them for about 10-15 days at 29-32°C (80-85°F) and at high relative humidity (85-90 percent).

By curing, the starch in the sweet potatoes converts into sugar, making the potato sweeter and the skin thicker and less vulnerable. This ensures a longer shelf life.


When the potatoes come out of this warm cell, we cool them back to 12 °C. For a better shelf life, the product then goes into storage with soil. We store our sweet potatoes in an area that is kept around 12-14°C (55-60°F) for about 2-3 more weeks with good air flow to make the sweet potato skins tighten to avoid damage. This is so the curing process can finish.

Only when there is an order are the potatoes removed from this cell. We then wash and pack the potatoes and store them at a temperature of 12 °C.


When the potatoes are ready for shipment, our logistic service provider is engaged. The potatoes are loaded into the containers and brought to the port. From our farms, this takes an average of two hours.

Well-known shipping companies transport our products to the port of Rotterdam in about twelve days. In the port of Rotterdam, all documents are inspected and then the potatoes go to SPOT in Poeldijk about a day later.


Once arrived in Poeldijk , we unload the containers and inspect the quality of the product. This means that we weigh the potatoes and check for any damage and freshness of the product.

If the potatoes have been approved, we bring the pallets to our repacking station, where we pack them in the correct packaging and / or prepare the pallets for sale.

Selection and packaging

In our warehouse we work together with Europe Retail Packing (ERP). We have a machine that can sort by size and weight. By means of a tipper we can carefully tip the bins over the belt where we select them manually and then pack them mechanically on the gram.

We sort and package the sweet potatoes to size in our warehouse in the USA, but with mix bins ERP can sort excellently on quality and size. When a season comes to an end, we can sort excellently on quality.

This way we can always guarantee top quality and in the packaging desired by the customer. From flow pack to 2.5 kg box and from 6 kg Spot box to EPS crate. Please contact our sales staff to learn about the possibilities.